Healthy Foods To Lose Weight – That Also Taste Great!

July 21, 2011


Any expert will tell you that you must eat healthy foods to lose weight. Proper eating habits are upwards of 80% of your weight loss battle. For many of you going to the gym or working out simply sucks or is too time consuming. And for many of those same people after a workout you feel like you need to be rewarded, therefore, you eat empty and high fat calories. By partaking in a bad post workout meal you’ve not only prolonged your muscle recovery time (you’ll be sorer longer), but you’ve basically cancelled out your workout efforts. Think about eating healthy foods to lose weight just as you think about working out to lose weight.

And when thinking about which healthy foods to lose weight you should be eating think outside the box a bit. Nowadays with Food Network being on 24 hours a day and other multiple channels that air cooking shows it’s very easy to get new and healthy ideas about food. Even ABC, a major television network air’s a show based around proper food education, it’s called Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Chef Oliver is world renowned and he is attempting to change the culture of how people eat. His general message is basic: eat healthy foods to lose weight and live longer.

Healthy Foods To Lose Weight – How Important Is That?

Studies have shown for many years that people who make healthy food choices not only live longer and healthier lives, but they are much happier. Depression, low self-esteem and low self-worth are just a few effects of obesity. And people who are battling the aforementioned issues visit a doctor about turning things around, what do you think happens? If you thought to yourself they are prescribed medications you are exactly right! Think about that for a second and ask yourself is a pill going to be the real answer to my problem(s)?

Eating Healthy Foods To Lose Weight vs. Mood Adjusting Pills…

If your depression and other self issues stem from being heavy taking a pill that essentially changes your personality can’t be the long term answer. Lets say you’re in your 20′s and you start taking these hormone changing pills, do you really want to take them for the next 40, 50, or 60+ years? Aside from the absurd costs for taking those meds for all of those decades think about the long term effects on your internal organs. Sure we live in the age of having a pill for just about everything. But when is enough – enough?

How Do I Pick Healthy Foods To Lose Weight?

For starters, eating boring diet foods is never the right thing to do, you must change and rotate your meals. Once you become bored you’ll become discouraged and we want to avoid that pitfall. Creating a lifestyle around choosing healthy foods to lose weight not only increases your metabolism but also keeps you in the right mental state to stay on track. How do you feel about potatoes? Although they’re high is starch the benefit outweighs the downside. When potatoes are baked, boiled and mashed they’re a tremendous filler. You’ll feel fuller quicker without eating a ton more calories.

Fish of course is another option to be included in your meals. Dark meat fish is considered best to lose weight.  Fish such as salmon, sardines and tuna are considered top choices. Fun fact: when consumed fish produces a hormone in humans called Lepton which helps burn the fat in the body.

What if you just can’t lose the weight?

I know it’s very confusing with all of the “noise” out there concerning the correct, healthy and fastest ways to drop the pounds. We’ve done most of the heavy lifting for you by condensing all of the best tips, techniques and strategies for losing weight and keeping it off.

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