How to Have A Healthy Diet And Still Eat

July 21, 2011


How to Have A Healthy Diet And Still Eat

Eating healthy is not only a necessity to live but a lifestyle to keep. Eating healthy benefits your hair, nails, skin, waist line, and general well being. And all of us could use some help in all of these areas.

Things You’ll Need: Everything in this guide. Step 1

Eat Oatmeal- 100% Natural Whole Wheat Grain ((Quaker Oats = Yummy… mmmm!!))These will give you your carbs that you need for energy…

Step 2

Soy milk is the best ((Yummy!!)) its good for your skin and hair. Silk is sold at your local grocery store. If you perfer milk skim is the healthiest. And good for your bones.

Step 3

Water… Water… Water… Water… Water… Add flavor if you need to Water… Water… Water… Water… Crystal light helps

Step 4

Green Tea = Antioxidants Clear skin is on the way for those pizza faces!!

Step 5

Black tea instead of coffee. ENERGY!!

Step 6

Peanuts!! Honey Roasted are amazing.

Step 7


Step 8

Remember fruits and veggies are delicious.

Step 9

Breakfast is a MUST!!

A healthy diet will not only make you feel better as a person on the inside but your outside will reflect the care you are giving your body as well. Eating healthy is the best thing you can do for yourself. Weight management and proper nutrition intake are very important tools to life. Happiness is measured on how you feel. WHy not try to do something goos for yourself and maximize you mood as well.

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