How to Sustain a Healthy Diet at Work

July 21, 2011


At times it may be rather difficult to eat healthy at work because you are surrounded by food from the time you arrive at work up until the time you leave.

It’s hard to resist the donuts and other pastries in the morning and the sensational aroma of your co-worker’s lunches in the afternoon.  Not to mention the unhealthy snacks that gets passed around throughout the day.

How can one expect to eat healthy when everyone around you is eating whatever they want?  Well…this is where you will have to discipline yourself to eat healthy at work no matter what everyone else is eating.  Here are some tips that should inspire you to sustain a healthy diet at work.

Tip 1

Eat a healthy breakfast

First and foremost, you should eat a healthy breakfast every morning before you arrive to work so that you won’t be as tempted to munch on donuts and other pastries that are just waiting for you to sink your teeth into them.

Tip 2

Bring your lunch

You should bring your lunch from home as often as possible to ensure that you eat healthy and avoid eating unhealthy foods while at work.  You should also keep in mind that you will save tremendously when you bring your lunch from home than to purchase it from various eating establishments.  It can get rather costly after while.

Tip 3

Bring your own snacks

In addition to bringing your lunch you should also bring your own healthy snacks for those moments when you just got to have something sweet.

Tip 4

Eat in your car or other private area

At times you may find it hard to resist the temptation to want to eat what everyone else around you is eating…foods that are high in calories and not very healthy.  If you find the temptation overbearing, you might want to take your lunch and eat it in an area where you are away from that environment.

Tip 5

Resist the temptation to order unhealthy foods

For the times when you are not able to make your lunch, you will more than likely have to order your lunch.  It’s okay to order out from time to time…just make sure that you select only healthy food items from the menu. Even fast food chains offer healthy selections to choose from.  Oh….and be sure to select water for your beverage.


*sustaining a healthy diet will help keep those extra pounds off.

*A healthy diet will help prolng your life


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