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August 21, 2013


The experiment is carried on the two groups of animals with the metabolism in general similar to the human. Usually these are rats or mice. One group is the control group, which lives normal life, the second group is experimental, and it is given supplements. The results are then compared. Thus, it is established that there are indeed tools capable to prolong life, and the most effective of them increase life expectancy by 50-60 percent or more. It�s impossible to falsify such data, because if a researcher has stated that he did this or that discovery, a similar experiment is carried by scientists from different laboratories around the world.
When using really effective life prolonging supplements, animals don�t only live longer, but also the “quality of the living significantly improves. They are much more cheerful, energetic, fall down with diseases less often and continue to mate when their peers in the control group die. These animals retain the ability to solve complex intellectual tasks.
Finally, let’s see into reality. A hundred years ago the average life expectancy was equal to approximately 30-40 years. Today, in such countries as Japan, France, and the Scandinavian countries the average person lives to almost 90 years. This progress is connected, first of all, with the advances in medical technology. For example, only the widespread use of effective drugs for hypertension (high blood pressure) is able to prolong life from 5 to7 years. Utilizing of good antioxidant complex supplements, can extend life by 20 years or more.
Let�s take into account that today, for example, the average Japanese, living to the age 87, began to use medium to achieve an average intensity, when he was 60 years old. After all, many of the tools of prolonging life appeared a few decades ago. Thus the average person nowadays at the age of 20-30, who will live comparatively healthy life, has all the chances to reach 100 years old. What I mean is that the average person taking average measures with average intensity has this possibility nowadays. Imagine which results could you achieve taking the matter seriously? Scientific progress will not only stop but, increase that�s why victory over aging is close and promises great benefits enormous efforts and resources around the world are being endeavored.
Are there any side effects of supplements and medications? There aren�t, if you use with smart.
Why should these effects occur? What’s the point to develop and produce a tool that will do more harm than good? In this case, the scientist has disfavor, the manufacturer has no benefits, and the state official will be punished. But again it is theoretically, and you should be interested in the practice.
As already mentioned, in the experiments, all the tools are checked not only for efficiency but also for safety. Animals are fed not only with small, but with exceeding doses of supplements and drugs that can be hundred times higher than those that will then be recommended to people. Then scientists learn all the key indicators of the body. Tests of all the liquids are taken, bodies are exposed and all the organs and tissues are scrutinized at the cellular level through their molecular analysis, etc. Then the health of several “generations” is monitored; if everything is ok scientists begin to study on human volunteers. For good pay, perhaps, and scientists test the impact on the body not only with therapeutic, but bigger dosages of drugs. Permission for production and implementation is given only after deep research.
Food supplements are not natural?
Most life prolonging dietary supplements are natural remedies, but there are synthesized ones among them. It is sometimes said that “chemistry” is harmful to the body. But what is chemistry? In general, what is around us is chemistry. Vitamin C with sugar, which grandchildren get from grandmother, is also “chemistry.” After all, our entire civilization is not natural, but artificial. But not a single sensible person would ever think to refuse artificial means and return to live in a cave to hunt for wild beasts and gather roots. If we are reasonable people, then by all means we shouldn�t care whether this thing is artificial or natural, but whether it brings benefit or harm.
There can be some danger, if we inject less known substances into the body which are not present in it or do not exist in nature. But even if we copy from our natural hormone melatonin, synthetic melatonin, it will act as our own. The main thing is that the obtained preparation didn�t have contaminants. Therefore, if we know that the drug is made by the famous company with a good reputation and is allowed to be used by the government authorities, and has been used by people for many decades, there is nothing to fear. I must say that in most cases life prolonging substances are present in the body, but in insufficient quantities for radical longevity.
In general, we need to understand the fact that if experts recommend a drug to prolong life, it automatically means that this will have a health-building effect. Serious side effects and longevity are just incompatible!
What if I get used to it?
This is a frequently asked question: can it happen that I will start to use supplements, my body will get used to it and I will not be able without them? Dear, I say no and no again! First, many of the substances in supplements and drugs are already present in the body from birth we are “familiar” to them genetically; whether you like it or not we have to use them the whole life. Secondly, many of those that are not present from birth are of vegetable origin and have been used for thousands of years.
Are you still afraid of consuming “hazardous substances” in connection with taking food supplements? Then here is something to think about. You have probably a hundred times more risk when you eat a lot of fatty, high-protein, salty and sugary foods, breathe our air, drink water, smoke compared to the use of supplements. Having this everyday background of mud side effects of dietary supplements won�t be even noticed. This dirt significantly shortens our lives. If we try to minimize the intake of these substances, and begin to use supplements, the effect will truly be spectacular.

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