Why Diets Fail

August 17, 2013

Weight Loss

This article focuses on how brain affects the behavior and metabolism in the body. It will tell you why it is difficult to keep to a diet (stick to a certain behavior) and why to start dieting for weight loss; you must first keep to a diet to restore the proper operation of your brain.
So, let’s say you notice that you gained extra pounds and want to lose weight. Before you start your diet, let’s look at the causes of this “excess weight.”
Possible reasons:

  • Changes in body, the change of metabolism (balances regrouped in the body: hormone, vitamin and mineral, acid-alkaline, etc.).
  • Your personal lack of control over the actions of the body. You eat more; you cannot stop in time.

Here is scientific explanation of the first paragraph.
Metabolism in the body may change due to changes in the environment (radiation, temperature, humidity, etc.), change of activity (the other mode of activity); changes in the body: in physiological processes as a result of age or genetic alterations, improper mode of activity and diet or because of unhealthy lifestyle.
Sometimes weight gain is a necessary measure which occurs to maintain proper homeostasis, so additional 2-3 kg don’t require urgent actions on your part. This phenomenon may be temporary, and soon your weight display will return to the old normal. In this case, diet for weight loss can be rather harmful to your health, than helpful, so kipping to a diet in this case will prevent the organism’s trying to cope with some other problem.
A person wants to look slim and fit so that other people liked him or her (this becomes the reason of a diet”) But most diets are not at all necessary. How do you know what your body is gaining weight for? Of course, if you are not pregnant (where the answer is obvious.)
Your body knows when, what and in what quantities it needs. Immune system, autonomic nervous system and other mechanisms of nature and evolution are responsible for this.
Personality constantly interferes in the work of organ systems, disrupting their coordinated work. Rely on intuition! Body systems have very complex structure and influence each other. Of course, if your ambitions and views require certain behavior, this advice does not suit you. Go on reading fashion magazines follow new diets; keep to the old way of life. Be enemy to your body! Do not be surprised however when the body will give you such surprises as diseases, certain mental and physical conditions that would interfere with your activities. You should pay attention to your weight if you gained more than 5 kg quickly, when you had not changed your normal life, environment and activities, or you had not had a nervous breakdown. In this case it is worth visiting specialists and find out the reasons for the change in weight (to take required tests, to find out the type of your metabolism).
To immediately discard the probability of a serious illness one should consult a nutritionist, immunology specialist, endocrinology doctor, or if necessary a neurologist and other physicians.

If you need to “keep to a diet”, choose a diet based on your metabolic type. It’s still better not to follow “ready- made recipes” but to develop your diet according to the features of your body (expert’s advice together with test analyses)
Here is scientific explanation of the second paragraph.
Sometimes, because of unhealthy lifestyle or serious injuries / illnesses, you can lose control over your behavior and become an impulsive person (constantly jumping from one thing to another) or compulsive (when it’s difficult for you to switch from one thing to another). If we look into it from the nutritional angle: starting a diet you always forget about it (you do not follow the desired mode) or you cannot stop in time when it should be done (overeating is meant here).
Most often the basis of the above mentioned problems is violations at the level of the nervous system, or to be more precise your brain has to work differently, so you get this behavior.
Why does the brain begin to operate in a different way? It can happen because of changes in the organism for example after serious injuries or illnesses. The violation in the work of the target organ may lead to changes in other organs or systems. Some organ systems are connected with the others, thus they influence each other. For example, changes in the endocrine or immune system can affect the nervous system. Changes in the immune system may be caused by changes in the environment. And changes in the endocrine system can be triggered by changes in the work of the organs which are in it, and in other organ systems (for example, the pancreas is included in the digestive and endocrine system). The problem with the organ within the digestive system can eventually cause problems in the endocrine and immune systems (and may be affected by other systems). The problem in these systems, in its turn, can cause damage to the nervous system. If there have been changes in the brain, caused by malfunction of certain organ systems, it is necessary to start curing sick organs in order to cure brain. Sometimes it is the opposite: brain disease eventually leads to the development of other diseases in the body, diseases of organs (organ systems). The same metabolism in the body can be triggered by brain malfunctioning, when you could have had some nervous breakdown, and the hormone balance was changed which led to changes in the organ operating.

So we arrived at the interesting conclusion that the causes of weight gain (metabolic disorders and lack of behavior control) lie in the way the brain works. Improper brain operation leads to the wrong flow of physiological processes (related to metabolism) and mental processes (which are related to the functioning of the personality).
Personality is only a small group of brain cells, located in the left hemisphere of the cerebral cortex monitoring the body.
Cells disease (or their injury), leads to the disease of some brain areas which affects the quality of the functioning of the individual. A person can behave in a certain way just because of the damaged brain cells.
If you want to change the behavior of your personality, you need to change the state of your brain (the quality of the mind, mental processes, quality of brain cells). Changing the brain composition, we can eventually change the quality of the person’s behavior.
Molecular-cellular level is the basis to help this changing process. To change brain composition adequate nutrition is required. And here we arrive at another interesting conclusion. To be able to control yourself, stick to a certain behavior, such as following some diet and, you must first get to the another diet, which changes the composition of the brain and its work, which is able to ensure the proper functioning of the personality. What we are driving at is that you will be able to control your behavior, if your brain functions properly. Brain operation depends on its healthy cells. Brain cells, consisting of molecules, are formed by the intake of essential substances that are present in food so food quality is the quality of cells.
Let’s make conclusions that can be drawn from the written above:

  • Slight weight increase in the body may be temporary thus it shouldn’t bother a person.
  • If you didn’t change your lifestyle and behavior, have the same diet, environmental conditions and gain weight, you should find out what changes have taken place in the body (you should have blood tests and consult specialists.) These changes in the body and must be the cause of your weight gain.
  • If you need to start a new diet, you must know the features of your metabolism, and only then you should select a suitable program.
  • While keeping to a specific diet you need to control your inner balance and prevent serious violations, which can cause irreversible health effects.
  • If the diet cannot be kept to or it’s difficult to follow the desired behavior you should pay attention to the functioning of your personality and the way your brain works (blood tests, MRI scans of the brain, experts’ advice).
  • If there is brain disruption, we first start the restoration of the normal state of the brain and mind, and then, if required, we start to keep to a suitable diet.

Summarizing all the above said we see that if the diet you are following gives wrong results (or is difficult for you to keep to), happens because your brain is now working properly. Your brain state affects the internal processes in the body and either helps or hinders certain chemical reactions (supports some level of metabolism). Make sure that your brain is working properly (the information in the application will help you to analyze the situation.)


This information will help to make necessary and important decisions.

I. Compulsive overeating
High-protein diet aggravates the condition – Carbohydrate diet is needed

II. Impulsive eating (bulimia)
High content of carbohydrates in the diet and the use of antidepressants worsen the state – Protein diet is recommended.

III. Impulsive-compulsive overeating
It’s equally necessary to increase the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the body.

IV. Anxiety overeating
The decline of GABA levels in the body.

V. Seasonal or emotional overeating
It may be due to a decrease of DHEA hormone or vitamin D in the body( it can be determined by a blood test )

VI. Behaviors
Obsessive behavior. Negative thoughts.
People are easily distracted from the goals and enjoy new ones.
The man is obsessed with something; he or she is easily distracted.
The person starts eating something every time he or she is worried.
He or she may bite his or her nails, pen pencil, or bite lips.

Humans, change their behavior because of the sunlight shortage, when moving to another place, or changing living conditions. Causes (MRI scans of the brain)
Low activity in the cingulate (It often happens because of the lack of serotonin).
Low activity of the frontal lobes (most often because of the lack of dopamine).

The presence of low activity areas in the frontal cortex with overexcitation.
Increased activity of the anterior cingulate gyrus, low activity of the frontal lobes.

Increased activity in the limbic system and reduce the function of the cortex of the frontal lobes. Recommendations
Increase the level of serotonin.

Food Additives:
5-GTP, St. John’s, cocoa.
Increase the level of dopamine.
Food Additives:
ashwagandha, “golden root” (Rhodiola rosea).

Balance the level of dopamine and serotonin in the body.
First – serotonin, then dopamine!

Food Additives:
5-GTP green tea.

Food Additives:
Magnesium, vitamin B6.
Preparation – aminalon (GABA).

exercises for relaxation.
Food Additives:
Vitamin D, methionine (SAMe), the DHEA hormone.
Methionine (SAMe) is not recommended in manic states (“overexcitement”)!

Compulsive overeating is when a man concentrates on negative thoughts, it’s hard for this person to see a variety of choices and find ways out; this person eats at night.

  • Impulsive eating is when a person has difficulty in controlling behavior, every Monday, or the first day of the month such people start eating healthy food (the heroine of “Bridget Jones’s Diary”).
  • Impulsive-compulsive overeating is a combination of the above types of behavior.
  • Anxiety overeating is when a man eats something not to feel the bitterness of his anxiety, tension, fear. Such people often have self-doubt or panic.
  • Seasonal or emotional overeating is when men eat to get rid of boredom, loneliness, depression and sadness.
  • Here is the answer to the question why the brain can function improperly.
  • Presence of constant stress (environment, professional activity), which cause malfunction. The mechanism of metabolism or hormone metabolism is changed.
  • The presence of chronic diseases in the body, for example, liver malfunction can cause atherosclerosis, which can lead to brain diseases, which damage brain.
  • Head injury (especially after concussion.)
  • Contact with toxins (alcohol poisoning, poisoning by other substances in the water, air, or skin interaction).

A number of sources of ionizing radiation and high electromagnetic radiation (being near power lines or high-frequency broadcasting antenna, frequent use of cell phones, being in an office with a lot of office and household appliances). Brain cells consist of water by 90% thus becoming a good conductor for waves!
All indicated above, could affect the condition of the body and brain cells in particular. The violation of the brain functional state results in certain physiological and mental states that cause certain changes in human behavior.
What helps to reduce weight?

  • A plan to reduce weight, which was worked out individually.
  • Vitamin D
  • Solving emotional problems (such as advice from a psychologist and talk with friends).
  • Techniques of deep relaxation.
  • The optimal level of thyroid hormones.
  • Regular blood sugar.
  • Good dream at night (that supplies proper hormones).
  • Positive thinking.
  • Regular physical activity.

Here are some recommendations for those who want to lose weight.

  • Determine the type of eating (see table above).
  • Take make brain MRI to determine how the brain works (any emotional, mental and psychological state is reflected in the photographs in the form of activity / inactivity of certain parts of the brain).
  • Make blood analyses (excluding serious diseases): a test for thyroid gland (to check hormonal balance), homocysteine (is there a vitamin deficiency), hormones (cortisol, DHEA, growth hormone, progesterone, testosterone, dopamine, serotonin, endrogen), cholesterol level, full blood analysis, immune status, liver function, pancreatic function, ESR.
  • Make bioimpedance analysis to determine the rate of metabolism and individual energy needs
  • Consult a specialist showing him or her test results and MRI scans (immunologist, endocrinologist, nutritionist, neurologist, etc., if necessary).
  • Fulfill brain function, if necessary and cure detected diseases.
  • Repeat blood test to make sure of health improvement.
  • Arrange after treatment rest.
  • Choose a suitable diet taking into account features of your body. After the treatment, the body will work differently; to make the bioimpedance analysis.
  • Weight correction (diet, nutrition, exercise, etc.). During the diet it�s recommended to consult a dietitian.
  • Once the required results are achieved required tests must be made, repeated later to make sure the body works properly. Remember, any new conditions of life make the body work differently! A diet is a serious stress for any organism, especially for the body weakened by illness.
  • If necessary, after keeping to a diet consult experts to restore the proper balance in the body.


Outline recommendation.
If the systems of the body do not work properly, diets may not always help (may even worsen the condition), so make sure you restore the correct functioning of the body, its organs and systems, and then, if you are still overweight we start struggling with the problem. After solving the problem of overweight we should try to maintain proper operation of systems and internal balance in the body.

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