Why do Girls/women Love Bad Boys so Much? (And is There Still Love For The Good Guys?)

July 21, 2011


‘I think you are cute, but I like you as a friend.’ ‘I would, but you are too nice for me to be with.’ ‘I don’t know, let me think about it.’ Do those sentences bring back memories (current and present), guys? Those are the words of women who prefer bad guys over good. I mean what is the situation on that? Growing up I had always wonder why girls would prefer a troublemaker over someone who doesn’t even know the meaning of trouble. Even as adults, men have that same problem. Like women have these invisible magnets that attach only to “bad boys”. Now I am not referring to all women/girls because there are some who I give credit and actually wake up. Is the feelings towards the “bad boy” that much strong enough to overpower someone who you could have a different (and potentially better) future? Maybe you like the mind games that ‘bad boys’ play with women. There are many reasons, but are they valid? A woman/girl can be with this guy for like 5-10 years, treat her like crap both physically and mentally. Another man/boy comes through, sees what’s been going on and makes his efforts to win that woman/girl over. But the woman/girl doesn’t have any of it. They will listen to you, they will laugh with you, they will cry with and to you, and they may even give you a compliment or two. But at the end of the day, her feelings are towards the “bad boy”, which leaves you out of the equation. So what happens then, the friendship (and potentially new relationship) simmers down, things aren’t the same again as the ‘other’ guy draws away leaving you one less person to talk to about what’s going down with your relationship? The ‘other’ man either goes about his business or tries even harder. But is it worth the hassle as you can see that she doesn’t want to see you in that way. Should you force her to see it that way? Will she be turned off by it or maybe see the light? Will her man find out your true intentions? Those are the questions of the guy. Did I make the right choice?

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